Dawn of Civilization


Kushiban Jedi (Soulknife) 3
Str 5, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 15
AC 16; Attack 7/7 1d4+2 (x2)
+1/3/3 FRW

+4 hide, escape, jump
mood fur – change upon mood
improved init, weapon finesse, two weapon fighting,

Wild Talent
Blade skill
Enhanced mind blade (+1), psychic strike +1d8

Combat Slide: Upon successfully striking an enemy in melee, the soulknife may immediately make a 5-foot step (even if she’s already moved in the round, but not if she’s taken a 5-foot step). In addition, when someone misses the soulknife with a melee attack, he may spend an immediate action to take a 5-foot step.

Burning Prosperity - July 18 -19, 64AD

A contingent of soldiers and priests will arrive on the Prosper grounds by midnight, under disguise and bearing covered torches.

The Travellers sneak into Prosper’s estate from the opposite end of Lord Victorious’ raid. They see evidence of metalwork and gemcraft – likely signs of the construction of Prosper-Clone’s supposed destructive weapon.

The Travellers are first startled by a pair of men turning a corner and discovering them. Without a thought, Arazu triumphantly leaps forward and smashes them with with his holy hammer – only to realize that these men were innocent as the weapon passed harmlessly through them. He remarks that this is an excellent way to determine their rightful enemies as the two flee in terror.

Using the magics provided by Corwyn and One-Eye, they follow their beacon to Prosper’s Clone himself, facing a number of Nibirite warriors along the way. As they near the Nibirite who bears Prosper’s likeness, they see and hear signs of the conflict between the forces of Speaker and the Nibirites within the compound. Much of the building is on fire, and some of the Travellers have difficulty – Especially Nabu-Tur, who cannot bring herself to enter the burning chamber Prosper’s Clone is in.

Arazu does his best to separate the few remaining innocents (such as the real Prosper’s family) from the combat before closing with their enemy. Prosper’s Clone bears an item that closely resembles a crossbow – a Speaker weapon that is of itself an engineering marvel to the Travellers. Unlike the Speaker weapons, it is crafted with bits of metal, wire, and gemstones.

The magic crossbow not only fires gouts of flame, but a mounted lens reveals the true nature of a disguised Nibirite. (it is clear once the Travellers examine it that this weapon was designed to be used against Prosper-Clone’s own kind)

As the Traveller’s flee the compound with their prize, they realize that Lord Victorious and his men were a bit overzealous in their pursuit of the “demons”, and the city of Rome burns all around them.

Gathering the Forces of Speaker

After the discussion with One Eye, The Travellers begin discussing their plans for dealing with the hostile faction of Nibirites, and the ambitious Prosper-Clone. The Travellers decide to gather all potential forces to their aid.

Nabu-Tur informs her contacts within the the Church of Speaker that the Cult of the Anointed are possessed by demons, and

The King, who
Nabu-Tur recognizes the glint of madness in his eyes.

Shortly after the meeting, a young courier slips Arazu a small leather-wrapped package. Within is a small glass tube nearly identical to the beacons used by Prosper’s guardians, but wrapped in copper wire and sealed with wax. A note inked to mimic cuneiform explains that the modified beacon should prevent those within Prosper’s forces from instant communication, so that the Travellers wont find themselves overwhelmed like their first attempt to “visit” Prosper’s Clone. The note is unsigned.

Holy Day Intrigues
"An Enemy of an Enemy is Your Friend... Sometimes"

The Travellers have discovered a number of factions within the city which may be could help them in their fight against their Nibirite enemies.

The Anointed
The Church of Speaker
The Royal Family ( Lord Victorious, Lord Whitehill, etc.)

Enduring & Eagle inform Arazu that they must take leave of Speaker and journey to a place in the East called the Rising, at behest of an emissary of their faith known as Humble.

It is a holy day today, and work is scarce as most in the city will be attending the Holy Day Games – public displays of martial skill, where armored men atop giant donkeys charge at each other with spears or beat each other senseless for the sake of entertainment. It is amidst this grand public gathering that One-Eye has agreed to meet with the Travellers.

Sending a courier to lead them to a secluded room, One Eye proceeds to discuss with the Travellers the possibility of a temporary alliance. He explains the plight of his people and the story of how they escaped their servitude of Nanna-Sin. He believes that the Nibirite Prosper is planning a dangerous coup, and has heard rumor that he has constructed a potent weapon or weapons to ensure it’s success. Ever the politician, he agrees to pledge his help, but only after the Travellers successfully infiltrate the Prosper’s compound.

Seeing the mutual hatred toward Nanna-Sin, Nabu-Tur asks if One Eye would be willing to aid them when they finally confront him. He states that he will only get involved if he is certain that they will be successful, and may even fight against them if he feels they will fail.

Brief Interlude
(A series of very short game sessions - not enough players each time)

Arazu discovers that Whiteriver is associates with his friends Enduring & Eagle, as they reluctantly reveal that they are all adherents to the heretical Cult of the Annointed. While Arazu learns about their sect and finds that their are a number of common elements to their respective religions and they each claim to worship the one true God, he is unsure if they worship the same deity. He does however sense a strong aura of faith and goodness from the trio, and goes to work upon a protective amulet for Whiteriver.

Nabu Tur establishes herself as a temple cupbearer for the head priest, so that she may begin bending him to her will and initiate the process of transforming him into a Gallu servant. She also makes use of Giconi to arrange a meeting with the Nibirite known to them as One-Eye, so that the Travellers can come to some sort of agreement.

Vorus goes into the Wilds just outside of Speaker to hunt, taking his protected charge Prosper with him.

The Speaker Underground

Realizing that the Nibirite incursion is more a Foothold, the Travellers come to the conclusion that they cannot defeat them without careful planning and outside aid.
While relocating their protected charges Whiteriver and Prosper, it is revealed that Whiteriver is close personal friends with Lord Whitehill of the royal house of Speaker. He is eager to warn his friends of the “demon” presence within the city.

Nabu Tur ingratiates herself in a temple of the Church of Speaker, and hopes to use religious politics to sow distrust and discord against those Nibirites they have identified, and to further divide the two opposing factions of Nibirites in Speaker.

The Travellers delegate Giconi to seek out and follow the Nibirite they call One-Eye. (It is likely his “rider” and her connection to One-Eye allowed him to quickly discover and follow him with ease.) He is observed spending most of his time in a small temple where he serves as a priest. When he leaves he is accompanied by a small retinue, and occasionally visits various individuals.

The Travellers have discussed contacting One-Eye himself, and possibly making some sort of deal to defeat his counter-faction led by Lord Hatred.

Serious Business
Fun with Portals

Having fully dialogued with Lord Prosper’s Nibirite imposter at the Brightraven Estate, the Traveller’s know that the creature is aware that Prosper still lives, and has most likely made preparations for their interferance.

The Travellers make an attempt at subterfuge by posing as a visiting relative. The first guardian whom they approach on the Estate finds their ruse obviously suspicious, and activates a small glass beacon which begins to pulse with light and sound. Soon after, undisguised Nibirites begin to appear around them in twos and threes.

The Travellers decide to make a run for the Imposter, using their gifts to run, leap, fly, or teleport towards their goal. More Nibirites continue to appear, and use their mastery of dimensional teleportation to pursue the Travellers, including deadfall attacks and dimensional blades.

When it becomes apparent that their are over 30 Nibirites on the compound and several Travellers have sustained serious injuries, they decide to fall back and retreat into Speaker.

Whisper's Doppelgänger

The Travellers try to search for Whisper’s husband in Lord Brightraven’s vinyard, while also trying to escape the estate. Lord Praiseworthy is nowhere to be found, so Nabu Tur must convince the young woman that he must have gone home.

The Travellers exit the vinyard through a tributary of the Yellow River, and return to the main city of Speaker. They then try to return their charges ( Prosper, Whisper, and Whiteriver) back to their homes, though wary of the Nibirite replacements they might encounter.

Arazu takes Whiteriver to his home, and finds that the man is of only moderate means. His home is simple, but there are a few items which seem too expensive for him to afford. Arazu tries to ask about this, and why that he might be chosen by the Nibirites, but his akwardness among people gets the better of him and gets nowhere. He then tries explain that real magic exists by revealing some of is own power, to which Whiteriver responds by backing away and calling Arazu a Demon. Nagiru uses his glamor to erase that blunder from Whiteriver’s mind.

The Travellers then choose to visit the estate of Lord Praiseworthy and Lady Whisper. The servant who answers the door is shocked to see her outside, but is told that she left to see some friends and locked herself outside. The Travellers confront Whisper’s clone, and they must restrain a furious Whisper from attacking the Nibirite. At first, Whisper’s clone makes use of potent telepathy, but soon the strong will of the Travellers force her to reveal her true form and resort to physical attacks.

Afterparty in Speaker

The Travellers know something suspicious is going on, but are unsure of what it might be. All suspected kidnap victims are seen throughout the party, though many of the “thugs” whom they identified as conspirators are nowhere to be found. Giconi returns from his interlude, but seems to be sick (though one of the women he went with cannot be found).

The one-eyed man (it actually becomes very easy to scry this man – almost too easy) spends much of the party lounging in a communal pool with other influential nobles as they discuss reforms of certain governing policies. Careful ears and Corwyn overhear whispered dissent of the Lord Victorious, calling him unstable and a MF. Lord Hatred speaks in favor of replacing or overthrowning the monarch, while One-Eye believes such a display of power is the surest path to their destruction.

When Corwyn follows the teleportation scar he discovered earlier, it leads to a kitchen. The Travellers follow him and they are accosted by three cooks (two of them run away). After the fight, they learn that the men they fought were Nibirites, and that fire seems to interfere with their disguises. Inside a magical cold storage room reminiscent of those kept by the Nelwyn, the Travellers find a number of bodies. Three are hanging on by a thread, and with quick intervention they are able to save Whisper, Prosper, and Whiteriver.

The Travellers burn the bodies of the Nibirites in the Kitchen, and use the fire as a distraction so that they can escape in the chaos.

Serpents in Speaker [Timeframe Unkown]
Like Rodents led into a Pit of Vipers...

The Travellers continue to uncover the kidnapping plot they discovered upon arrival in Speaker. They discover that the kidnapping plot is to take place in three days time, at the estate of Lord Brightraven – a well-respected representative of the city’s government. Lord Brightraven is throwing a massive celebration which will host hundreds of guests to display his exccess and wealth.

Nabu Tur manages to convince a young woman to reveal the location of the banquet, and shares the information with the group, though she is warned the gala is “No place for a child.”

On the night of the party, Corwyn and Giconi attempt to infiltrate the party posing as minor nobles themselves, while Nashich, Martu and Arazu pose as servants and attendants. The rephaim, NabuTur and Vorus, skulk on the fringes of the estate.

The travellers slowly begin to notice small groups of people going off to more secluded areas of the party, such as two people helping an inebriated third into a bathroom or bedroom. A short time later, only two people return (the inebriated man looking refreshed, as if he was never drunk). Corwyn uses magic to track down the one-eyed leader of the supposed bandits, who waits in a bathhouse for a such a trio.

While doing his best to communicate with the other guests, Giconi is propositioned by two beautiful women and led to “more comfortable accomodations”. This turns out to be an ambush – the women are Nibirites in disguise.


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