Dawn of Civilization

Afterparty in Speaker

The Travellers know something suspicious is going on, but are unsure of what it might be. All suspected kidnap victims are seen throughout the party, though many of the “thugs” whom they identified as conspirators are nowhere to be found. Giconi returns from his interlude, but seems to be sick (though one of the women he went with cannot be found).

The one-eyed man (it actually becomes very easy to scry this man – almost too easy) spends much of the party lounging in a communal pool with other influential nobles as they discuss reforms of certain governing policies. Careful ears and Corwyn overhear whispered dissent of the Lord Victorious, calling him unstable and a MF. Lord Hatred speaks in favor of replacing or overthrowning the monarch, while One-Eye believes such a display of power is the surest path to their destruction.

When Corwyn follows the teleportation scar he discovered earlier, it leads to a kitchen. The Travellers follow him and they are accosted by three cooks (two of them run away). After the fight, they learn that the men they fought were Nibirites, and that fire seems to interfere with their disguises. Inside a magical cold storage room reminiscent of those kept by the Nelwyn, the Travellers find a number of bodies. Three are hanging on by a thread, and with quick intervention they are able to save Whisper, Prosper, and Whiteriver.

The Travellers burn the bodies of the Nibirites in the Kitchen, and use the fire as a distraction so that they can escape in the chaos.



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