Dawn of Civilization

Serious Business

Fun with Portals

Having fully dialogued with Lord Prosper’s Nibirite imposter at the Brightraven Estate, the Traveller’s know that the creature is aware that Prosper still lives, and has most likely made preparations for their interferance.

The Travellers make an attempt at subterfuge by posing as a visiting relative. The first guardian whom they approach on the Estate finds their ruse obviously suspicious, and activates a small glass beacon which begins to pulse with light and sound. Soon after, undisguised Nibirites begin to appear around them in twos and threes.

The Travellers decide to make a run for the Imposter, using their gifts to run, leap, fly, or teleport towards their goal. More Nibirites continue to appear, and use their mastery of dimensional teleportation to pursue the Travellers, including deadfall attacks and dimensional blades.

When it becomes apparent that their are over 30 Nibirites on the compound and several Travellers have sustained serious injuries, they decide to fall back and retreat into Speaker.



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