Dawn of Civilization

Serpents in Speaker [Timeframe Unkown]

Like Rodents led into a Pit of Vipers...

The Travellers continue to uncover the kidnapping plot they discovered upon arrival in Speaker. They discover that the kidnapping plot is to take place in three days time, at the estate of Lord Brightraven – a well-respected representative of the city’s government. Lord Brightraven is throwing a massive celebration which will host hundreds of guests to display his exccess and wealth.

Nabu Tur manages to convince a young woman to reveal the location of the banquet, and shares the information with the group, though she is warned the gala is “No place for a child.”

On the night of the party, Corwyn and Giconi attempt to infiltrate the party posing as minor nobles themselves, while Nashich, Martu and Arazu pose as servants and attendants. The rephaim, NabuTur and Vorus, skulk on the fringes of the estate.

The travellers slowly begin to notice small groups of people going off to more secluded areas of the party, such as two people helping an inebriated third into a bathroom or bedroom. A short time later, only two people return (the inebriated man looking refreshed, as if he was never drunk). Corwyn uses magic to track down the one-eyed leader of the supposed bandits, who waits in a bathhouse for a such a trio.

While doing his best to communicate with the other guests, Giconi is propositioned by two beautiful women and led to “more comfortable accomodations”. This turns out to be an ambush – the women are Nibirites in disguise.



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