Dawn of Civilization

The Speaker Underground

Realizing that the Nibirite incursion is more a Foothold, the Travellers come to the conclusion that they cannot defeat them without careful planning and outside aid.
While relocating their protected charges Whiteriver and Prosper, it is revealed that Whiteriver is close personal friends with Lord Whitehill of the royal house of Speaker. He is eager to warn his friends of the “demon” presence within the city.

Nabu Tur ingratiates herself in a temple of the Church of Speaker, and hopes to use religious politics to sow distrust and discord against those Nibirites they have identified, and to further divide the two opposing factions of Nibirites in Speaker.

The Travellers delegate Giconi to seek out and follow the Nibirite they call One-Eye. (It is likely his “rider” and her connection to One-Eye allowed him to quickly discover and follow him with ease.) He is observed spending most of his time in a small temple where he serves as a priest. When he leaves he is accompanied by a small retinue, and occasionally visits various individuals.

The Travellers have discussed contacting One-Eye himself, and possibly making some sort of deal to defeat his counter-faction led by Lord Hatred.



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