Dawn of Civilization

Whisper's Doppelgänger

The Travellers try to search for Whisper’s husband in Lord Brightraven’s vinyard, while also trying to escape the estate. Lord Praiseworthy is nowhere to be found, so Nabu Tur must convince the young woman that he must have gone home.

The Travellers exit the vinyard through a tributary of the Yellow River, and return to the main city of Speaker. They then try to return their charges ( Prosper, Whisper, and Whiteriver) back to their homes, though wary of the Nibirite replacements they might encounter.

Arazu takes Whiteriver to his home, and finds that the man is of only moderate means. His home is simple, but there are a few items which seem too expensive for him to afford. Arazu tries to ask about this, and why that he might be chosen by the Nibirites, but his akwardness among people gets the better of him and gets nowhere. He then tries explain that real magic exists by revealing some of is own power, to which Whiteriver responds by backing away and calling Arazu a Demon. Nagiru uses his glamor to erase that blunder from Whiteriver’s mind.

The Travellers then choose to visit the estate of Lord Praiseworthy and Lady Whisper. The servant who answers the door is shocked to see her outside, but is told that she left to see some friends and locked herself outside. The Travellers confront Whisper’s clone, and they must restrain a furious Whisper from attacking the Nibirite. At first, Whisper’s clone makes use of potent telepathy, but soon the strong will of the Travellers force her to reveal her true form and resort to physical attacks.



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