Fallen Elohim, god of construction (lit. Builder Bird)


Arazu appears as an unusually large man of unremarkable appearance, bearing the calloused hands of a craftsman.


Found wanting by the Lord during the rise of Lucifer, Many of the Elohim were cast down to Earth to reflect upon their most heinous act of fighting against God.

With scattered memories, a lost purpose, and worst of all, the lost approval of God – Arazu wanders the wastes of this world, a world continually renewed by his sect of angelic order, The Builders. The crafters of heaven, earth, and all structures found in either – Arazu has forgotten all the great works he helped finish. His knowledge of architecture is advanced, beyond what humans might accomplish in 2,000 years, but he doesn’t remember receiving any lessons on masonry.

With time and patience Arazu has dedicated his new earthly life to the Lord, and is trying to protect the humans he quite doesn’t understand. Emotions rage in their eyes of green and brown, but his golden eyes cannot follow the reason for such outbursts or tears.

Able to take forms of Purity and Hellish torment, his powers seem to being growing in this world, but so are his memories. Still looming in the darkest of thoughts is the Bull-headed nightmare, whose ever watching minions flock around Arazu constantly. ¿Why is this being drawn to Arazu’s path? ¿Why is the a wound upon Arazu’s chest, and why does it open every time he becomes full of torment?

Followed by a young girl he saved from a rock slide, they travel now to hopefully reach the good graces of God and return to his high kingdom.


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