Dagon usually appears as a tall man wearing the body of a fish as a garment, or sometines in the form of a hybrid with the upper body of a man and the lower portion as the tail of a large fish (like a mermaid).

His true nature is much more sinister, bearing little resemblance to man at all. It is only vaguely what one might call humanoid, but is a hideous amalgamation of amphibian and piscine traits.


Dagon is worshipped as a fertility god of fish and grain, and sacrifices are made to him in prayer for an abundance of either. Some of his more devoted priests and followers have been “gifted” with aspects of fish and other aquatic life.

These “Children of Dagon” dwell along the Euphrates river, and occasionally “collect tribute” for their god by raiding villages and towns along the riverbanks. Nashich Nahash was a firsthand witness to such a raid.


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