Possible Name Translations:

  • EduKU (house of the holy mound)
  • AdAnKu (star at the end of the heavens)
  • AdEnKu (Fate of a Star Lord)

Armed with a talith (a weighted scarf w/barbs on the ends; usually wrapped around the head)


In Enoch, Edenko faithfully served as Sukkal to an esteemed Rephaim leader named Dovmelech. Such a position for a human was a high honor within the First City, for its founders and ruling body were vampires. So trusted and valued was he in his master’s eyes, that he blessed Edenko with a portion of his power, bequeathing a sacrament of his Ahti each Full Moon, transforming him into what is known as a Gallu.

After the Deluge, Edenko’s beloved master was gone, and his loss pains him. He currently has made agreements with several rephaim to trade Ahti for his services, and has picked up the skills of a winemaker while spending time in the vineyards of Susa.


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