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The Physician - Celestial Guide and Healer of Time


The old hermit known as the Physician was first discovered by the Travellers in the Cave of Wonders high on the Zaragos Mountains.

He appears as an immesurably old man in strange clothing. To those who can perceive it, he has an aura of Awe like a celestial spirit or holy mage, and ripples with temporal energy even stronger than the likes of a Paragon of Man.

Although he seems to be very gracious and helpful, it is clear that he is very careful with his words (as if he is not permitted to say certain things).


The old Physican claims to hail from “far to the north”, and says he has been around for a long while. He knew of the city of Enoch though was not part of it, and survived the Deluge via a “vessel” of his own. He constantly dodges any direct questions about his origin, any technology he possesses, or any knowledge which has not yet been discovered.

He will admit to the Travellers that they appear to have been “ Displaced”, but is as of yet uncertain as to how or why. He has helped them shed a bit more light into their displacement, but states that they are well on the path of discovering it on their own.

En Aesu

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