Enki is the god of Earth and Water, who reigns in the city of Eridu


Normally, Enki appears as an incredibly hansom young man with wise blue eyes like the deepest of wells. Something about those eyes betrays his appearance, and hints at his supernatural heritage.

When his fae mien is revealed, Enki appears as a blue skinned humanoid wearing the scales of a fish. Two streams of water flow out from his shoulders like a cloak, complete with fish which leap about. He has a regal bearing in whichever form he is in.


Enki is the Lord of Earth and master of the House of Water. He is worshiped as the deity of crafts, mischief, water, intelligence,and creation. He founded the city of Eridu and rules over the city as its patron deity. It is said that he is linked by blood to the moon god Nanna-Sin, either as a sibling, or as his son.


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