Great Lady under the Earth


Ereshkigal is the “Terrifying queen of Irkalli”, the underworld, Land of the Dead. There, with her consort Nergal, she manages the destiny for spirits beyond the grave. She is a rephaim four generations from Caine, and is said to possess an even stronger allergy to the sun than most of her kind.


Ereshkigal was not born rephaim, but was once the daughter of the sun god Shamash-Utu. It is said that she had been stolen away by the dragon Kur and taken to the Underworld, where she was embraced and made queen unwillingly. She is actually the twin sister of Inanna. Ereshkigal was the only one who could pass judgement and give laws in her kingdom, and her name means “Great Lady under the Earth”. She did not realize that becoming rephaim meant that she could never again see her father, and became embittered by it. It is likely that the connection she had to the sun in life is why the rays of the sun are so much more harmful to her in unlife.

Ereshkigal’s main temple of worship is in the city of Kutha. She is rarely seen, for it is known that she has a parylizing fear of the rays of the sun, and avoids gatherings with other rulers and officials because of this.

Nabu Tur bribed Isimud, the Sukkal of Enki, with a years worth of year’s worth of her own Ahti for him to betray his knowledge of a Rephaim in Mesopotamia who was closer to Caine than she (not hiding the fact that she sought the Amaranth).


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