Genai Talismonger


Ezeru is a short man of unremarkable features – difficult to point out in a crowd. He is a peddler of exotic curiosities.


Motivated by greed and avarice, Ezeru made a living in his younger years as thief. Throughout his life, Ezeru stole from virtually everyone that he could, but one day he stole from a powerful priestess who cursed him as a Paragon for his actions.

Afterwards, he discovered that he served to punish the greed of others. Objects which he felt compelled to relocate were destined to be aquired by others. Those objects, while attractive and usefull seemed to ultimately punish their new owner’s in some way for their own greed (Although there has been one or two who managed to overcome their greed and escape their fate).

He was targeted by Ur Raiders for abduction on two separate occasions. Because of the nature of his curse, he was able to escape his first encounter because they were, as he puts it, “a bit overzealous” in their attempt to capture him (he was killed and sent to Jahannam).

Only six months after his return from that hellish realm, the Ur Raiders located him again. This time, the Travellers managed to stop the atteck nearly before it happened. He granted several of them unique and wonderful gifts, and hopes that their good nature will prevent the items from lashing out at them.


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