She will deliver unto the Heavens


IliAna appears as a young woman in the prime of her life and in peak physical condition. She’s a strong fighter, a skilled acrobat, and a skilled hunter and tracker. However, she lacks interpersonal skills and tends to be standoffish at times and possibly a little overbearing.

IliAna carries bears an enchanted spear crafted by her guardian, as well as a hunting knife and a skein of rope.


IliAna was raised in a close-knit hunter-gathering clan. As the clan travelled through a narrow mountain pass, a devastating avalanche crushed them all under rock and earth.

At only six summers, she herself would have died that day if the giant Arazu and his companions had not found her and pulled her from the rubble. Further still, the bolders had crushed her spine and horribly maimed her. Arazu (like a douche) offers to restore her body if she only put her faith in him.

He has since provided and protected her as if she was his own, and she in turn cares for him likewise. For a number of years, she was trained by the wise and enigmatic Isimud in his sanctuary near Eridu. Though she is incapable of magic herself, she has learned a considerable amount about all manner of living creatures and how to keep them living and healthy. Having observed Isimud for all those years performing his craft, she is also familiar with various rituals and magical formulae.

Though she has been with Arazu for nearly fourty years, she still apears to be about seventeen. Isimud postulates that her stymied aging is most likely related to her journey through the Impossible Mountain with Arazu and his companions, as well as exposure to other Temporal Elements in their travels.

When the Travellers find themselves transported to the future in the distant nation of Speaker, a vision of Iliana is seen by Corwin where she was leading men and women and called Bellona.


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