Isimud the Tetramorph, Sukkal of Enki


Isimud is a bizarre androgynous being with four faces and four arms. Its limbs are impossibly long and slender, and its skin shimmers like gold. Strange mystical symbols mar a considerable ammount of its exposed flesh. Its movements are peculiar, and appear strangely out of sync with the normal flow of time.


Isumud was created by a Tzimisce Rephaim, shaped not for war but for intelligence and magic. It was once four human mages captured by the Rephaim, forced to become Gallu and fused by its master’s vicissitudes. What was once four is now one, and proved to be even more resourceful that its master could hope for.

It learned what it could from its master, but was never truly bound to it like other gallu (being the combined mental might of 4 willful wonderworkers). While in the service of its master they accomplished a great many things, though excessive magical Backlash continued to warp its form.

It eventually become free of its master, but still needed vampiric blood, ahti, to keep it alive—though not nearly as much as a normal gallu. With its own magic, it can extend and preserve its supply of ahti. It discovered Lord Enki, who offered it refuge in his city, and it was he who suggested that it sell its services for the blood of the rephaim —many of who would give it willingly to benefit from its wisdom and spellcraft.


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