Khosar the Traveller, Destroyer of Nations


Khosar, also known as Khosar the Khosarian, Khosar the Destroyer, and Khosar the Traveller, he is an ancient, powerful, and malignant elohim. Khosar is a shapeshifting entity with no known true form.


Khosar is worshipped by doomsday cultists as a god of destruction and retribution. Khosar has two trusted minions – themselves worshipped as demigods, harbingers and primary agents. Zuul and Vinzklortho are lesser demons in the form of Tannim Hounds. Each bears pretanic keys which can allow them to open doorways into the spirit world to summon all manner of baneful spirits and corrupt elohim.

His mad cultists possess an infernal sorcery, and have been observed summoning malignant spirits and calling up balefire and lightning.


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