Lugalbanda the Shepherd (lit. Young King), Priest of the Almighty


Lugalbanda is an incredibly tall, handsome man with skin smooth and dark as a diorite statue. He typically wears a simple reed skirt and carries a large dagger carved from blood-red jasper.

Often seen off in the distance is a white lion which appears to intently watch over Lugalbanda, but never approaches the construction site or enters the city. Nor does the beast ever attack anyone. Some believe the beast to be some manner of spirit guardian.


Lugalbanda states that many years ago he was a soldier in the army of Enmerkar of Uruk, and that he became a nomadic herdsman. He admits that he has done some terrible things in his past, and wishes to atone. In his search to become right with God, he decided to construct the greatest of alters, a great and mighty tower to the Almighty.

For years, it was only he who cut and moved bricks into place, but his efforts attracted others who began to follow his example. Many of these people worshipped other gods, and saw the tower as a dedication to their own worship. Lugalbanda accepted this, though he made sure to preach to his new “flock” about the enemies of the Almighty. For a holy man, he has an unusual hatred of giants and the Rephaim, and instructs his flock of workers on the best means of battling such creatures and resisting their abilities.

Rumor has it that he may be the “Phantom King” refered to by the Lady Ninsun as the father of her fate-blessed child, Gilgamesh.


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