Molech appears as a three-eyed, nine foot tall minotaur made of bronze. He is an earthbound fallen angel worshiped as a god by a multitude of civilizations, often representing time, famine, and drought. His worshippers once offered their infant children by the hundreds as a sacrifice to his burning image so that his thirst would be slaked and he would permit it to rain.

Occasionally, Molech appears in the form of a large owl, following a paragon at a distance and observing potential paragons to determine their worthiness for possession. It is because of this form and its similarity with a stalking spirit that those aware of Molech are apt to believe that their totem animals are his agents, silently tracking every paragon in hopes of finding one he can possess.


Currently, Molech is trapped in the realm known as Jahannam, seeks nothing els but a means of leaving its firepits. He has become convinced that the answer to his freedom is to possess the right Paragon while they regenerate within the realm. Because Nimrod and Arazu once exchanged souls and were both in Jahannam in one body, Molech believes that they are the key to his escape.


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