Malevolent Moon god


Nanna-Sin is worshipped as the Moon god, the Lord of Wisdom, and sometimes the “Father of the gods”. He holds sway over the phases of the moon and regulates the tides. (time manipulation). He appears as an old man with a flowing beard of lapis lazuli, bearing a headdress of four horns surmounted by a crescent moon, and possesses blood-red eyes. He is described as “wise and unfathomable” by his subjects. He is said to be brother to Shamash-Utu.

He is known by the symbol of an all-seeing red eye.


Untitled 1 Nanna-Sin seeks to remake the world to suit his whims. He has crossed his own timeline many times, instructing his younger self on how to obtain an artifact of untold power. Predicting where the temporal artifact known as the Mika-Vin would appear (because his future self told him), he had a ziggurat built within the city of Ur, where the device would eventually appear.

His city has a high population of Umu Demons because he later travelled back to the founding of the city and brought a tribe of dominated Shadow Lords to become many of its founding members. It is possible that through this manipulation, Nanna-Sin became/was born as an Umu Demon himself. It is unknown what Ur was like before Nanna-Sin remade the city, if it had existed ever at all.

He also percieves that the Travellers will become a threat to him and his goals at some point, and has been watching them. This is likely because the Travellers are unpredictable and are a “Blind Spot” in his considerable forcasting abilities. On many occasions, he has taken steps to distract or destroy the Travellers, with varying degrees of success.

After acquiring and subsequently bonding with the device through ingestion, Nanna-Sin was pulled outside of time. He has not been seen since, nor his trademark red eye —though it appears as if he has recently been able to communicate with his followers in Ur.


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