Nimrod is a tall, black-skinned canaanite man bearing ancient sigils across his forhead, arms, and chest. The marks warn against killing him. He fights with a spear, and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.

A ghostly and elusive striped hyena is often seen just within one’s peripheral vision. Some doubt it is real, while others believe the beast is a spirit guardian.


Because of a great transgression against his family, a terrible curse was placed upon him so that he must suffer the consequenses of his actions. He must live as a Paragon, forced to walk the thin line between Earth and Jahannam for eternity.

He found himself in the city of Enoch, and spent many years there before the Deluge brought him to the mountains above Susa Valley. There he met the other Travellers, and hopes that the good deeds he does with them can lift his curse.


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