Will to Live - The One-Eyed Nibirite


One-Eye is a suave and sophisticated man wearing an eyepatch over his left eye. Originally the human who One-Eye replaced was named Hearthborn, who was a commoner of little merit, but after the young man lost his eye in an “accident” (when One-Eye killed him and took his form, he could not hide his scar), he quickly began showing promise in lawmaking and government. He changed his name to Luscus Rex, the “One-Eyed King” after a story he once heard, and it was not long before he attained the semi-religious and sacrosanct position of lawmaker (this status actually makes it illegal to harm or accuse him).

He also appears to be is a position of authority over the Nibirites, and his faction seems intent upon working with humans instead of enslaving them. In fact much of the legislation he and his followers have been proposing to Lord Victorious would place more power in the hands of the common people instead of the rich aristocracy.

While his people have replaced military leaders, senators, and priests, he and his followers try to avoid high-profile targets in favor of those who might influence said leaders (mothers, wives, advisers, & close friends).


The man known as the One-Eyed King is part of a group of Nibirite Exiles who made agreements with Nanna-Sin. He served the city of Ur for many years before the Travellers ambushed his raid on Adab, leaving him as one of the only survivors. He fled before they could kill him, but not before he lost his eye to Giconi.

He realized that his servitude to Nanna-Sin was not worth his life. He stole the means for his escape from Ur, and fled with many of his people to a new refuge and wound up in Speaker.


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