Ur Raiders

Worldly Agents of Nanna-Sin


These followers of Nanna-Sin travel in small groups consisting primarily of Umu Demons and Human priests. Their forces are capable of instantaneous travel, appearing anywhere without warning and striking at seemingly random targets. They also possess powerful artifacts such as the Blasting Rods, which allow them to project gouts of blue flame at their enemies.


Conflict between the various city-states is a normal occurrence, as each vies for dominance of the whole of Mesopotamia. By themselves, the attacks carried out by the Ur Raiders do not stand out amongst other border skirmishes. Each attack seems petty and insignificant, but the impact of those raids have indirect consequences on a larger scale.

As an example, one of the raids on the city of Kish involved the vandalization of a statue of Jushur (one of its former rulers). Trust in the local lord who owned the statue diminished, and his mercantile enterprises soon failed. Because his merchants supplied lumber and copper to the city-state of Larsa, the city was ill-equipped to defend themselves, and were forced to relinquish authority over to Ur.

A captive raider claimed under much duress that his people sought to free their god from all that would hold him back from his goals.

It was learned from One-Eye that most of these patrols included a Nibirite in disguise.

Ur Raiders

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