Magilum Boat

Ship of the Netherworld


While this boat appears to be about 15’ long, the boat was miraculously capable of containing over thirty people. Originally appearing as a large watercraft, the Magilum Boat was capable of overland flight directed mentally by its Navigator.

The ship’s Navigator was the one who sat in the control seat and focused their will to directing its travel.


The Travellers discovered and made use of this conveyance while in pursuit of Anzu within the Impossible Mountain. While each guardian held vital components for this device, the basic framework was found after defeating the Third Guardian Saman-Ana.

The ship was destroyed when the travellers finally reached the top of the Impossible Mountain, but several pieces of the ship were recovered and used to defeat Anzu himself. Most of the remains reside in the shrine to the Hero of Girsu, as remenants of his mighty chariot.

Magilum Boat

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