Potent Temporal Artifact of Celestial Design.


The Mika Vin is a magnificient creation pulsing with brilliant light. Its ephimeral body sparkles like topaz, and is shaped like wheels within wheels revolving within eachother as if it were alive. Each wheel was studded with crystaline spikes facing outward, lightly brushing against the inner surfaces of the next wheel as it spins.


The Mika Vin is a potent artifact supposedly fashioned by Celestial beings or created to emulate the abilites of Celestial being. It has been observed to be capable of making vast alterations to the timeline, radiating out in metered pulses or waves, as well as transporting itself through corridors in time. Whether the device was able to create such “time corridors”, or merely able to find them is unknown.

The Mcguffin was consumed by the moon god Nanna-Sin, thereby assimilating its powers into himself, though in doing so tore himself outside the fabric of time.


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