Tablet of Destinies

The Tablet upon which All Fate is Recorded


“…those magical tablets of Power on which was written all that was, all that is, all that would be…”

The Tablet of Destinies appears as a simple clay tablet inscribed with cuneiform writing.

It is said that anything transcribed upon its surface became fact, allowing the wielder to change history itself, or possibly that the Tablet contained prophesies for the future. Supposedly, whoever possessed the Tablet ruled the universe.


Tiamat once possessed this artifact (perhaps even created it), and bestowed the Tablet upon her consort Qingu so that he might command her army. Marduk, the chosen champion of the gods, then fights and destroys Tiamat and her army. Marduk reclaims the Tablet of Destinies for himself, thereby legitimizing his rule among the gods, but knowing the artifact is too powerful for anyone to possess, gave it over to Enki to keep safe.

A servant of Enki seeking power for himself stole the Tablet for himself, and fled to the Impossible Mountain. There the Travellers confronted each of his seven guardians before retrieving the tablet from his corpse.

Tablet of Destinies

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