Dawn of Civilization

Lost in Speaker [Timeframe Unkown]
Burn the Witch and Slay the Giant

The Travellers have been Displaced once again, this time over 2500 miles to the northwest and years beyond reckoning. The temerature is much cooler, and they observe its people wearing much more clothing than they are familiar with.

The streets are paved with large stones, and the surrounding buildings are made of carved stone, precious wood, or both. When Corwyn attempts to speak with someone passing by, the man speaks in gibberish as if mad. Strangely enough, the man still seems to understand the Travellers. Many believe them to be deaf because of this.

Somehow, some of this strange gibberish is starting to make sense for the Travellers, which leads creadence to the idea that they have been cursed before arrival. What they can make out of the natives is that they are in a city know as “Speaker” and that the Travellers appear to be foreigners or slaves.

Seeking advice, Nabu Tur consults her talking skull Ziniir whose loud undead voice incites an angry mob seeking out the dark sorcery, and forces the Travellers to disperse. Each seeks in their own way to blend in, aquiring clothes and doing their best to understand this new language (Except for Arazu who learns that these people are not fond of Giants either; Imagine if they knew what he really was.). Corwyn uses his gifts to locate everyone and get them back together.

Nabu Tur mentions to the rest of the Travellers that she discovered a plot by a malevolent entity disguised as a human to kidnap someone at a banquet later that night. They do what they can to seek out this creature, and find a clandestine meeting of affluent men discussing their abduction plans, led by a reagal man wearing a patch over his left eye.

Larsa Overtaken: 5006BC
Destroying the Time-Portal

The Travellers decide to focus their efforts upon the time portal they discover, seeking to cut valuable resources from Ur. Giconi arranges for Mesharu’s forces and the squad of humans and Umu waiting outside the city to attack the Shining House and its Ensi, while he and the Travellers assault the customshouse.

To create further distraction, Nabu Tur incites a riot away from either location, and calmly returns to the others. Unfortunately, Arazu tries the direct approach to entering the customshouse by telling its guardians plainly that he must enter so that they can destroy the pool within. They immediately respond by attacking.

After a tough fight with a number of Umu Guardians, the Travellers reach the chamber with the temporal portal and begin perparations for its destruction. Just before their efforts are complete, a flickering intangable image of Nanna-Sin appears beside them, laughing maniacally. In that same instant, a second crystal cylinder miraculously falls from the ceiling Bill & Ted Style and activates the pool.

All flashes white for the Travellers as the resulting explosion sends the Travellers rocketing through space & time, arriving in a strange kingdom.

Assault on Larsa, Part Two: 5006BC
"Some kind of Jaccuzi Time-Portal"

Corwyn scries Larsa from the outskirts of the city, along with a small force of men. Several of the other Travellers follow two men who Giconi marked as hidden Umu Demons to a customs house, where they cut in line, briefly harrass the attendant, and go inside.

The customs woman sits at a table in front of the entryway, with a large scale. Giconi himself has a strange discussion with the woman with the scale as she measures a handful of trinkets he provides. The scale waivers for a moment, then the scale tips inexplicably compared to the large weight-stone on the other side of the scale. She looks in his eyes and whispers, “Your worth has been measured, and great are your deeds.” She then scribes for him a trade token and states, “May the face of Shamash-Utu shine upon you”.

Meanwhile, NabuTur sends her servant Baharu to sneak into the customshouse to see inside. She sees one Umu Demon pour some liquid from a tall crystal cylinder into a wide basin of water. Another Umu Demon is then lowered in. With a swirl of water and flash of light, the demon dissapears.

The token Giconi is givin is not written with his gold measures, but a message to meet the woman with the scales in the dyer’s district at dusk. There in a maze of drying cloth and away form the prying eyes of the occupying force, awaits Mesharu, the Right Hand of Shamash-Utu, and four cloaked men with long-knives. They know that the Travellers have people outside the city, and wish to know what they plan and how they plan to do it.

(While the rest of the Travellers meet with the forces of Larsa, Corwyn sneaks ito the customshouse to get a better look at the pool. He finds a number of temporally active objects, and discovers that the pool transported the Umu Demon a week into the future. He takes the crystal cylinder for further study & returns to the others.)

Assault on Larsa, Part One: 5006BC

After the successful ambush on the Ur Raiders in Adab, the Travellers sought to continue preventing attacks. Over the course of six months, they experienced mixed results as the forces of Ur tried to predict and compensate for the efforts of the Travellers.

The Travellers then decided to make a definitive blow to the resources of Ur itself, by striking the occupied city of Larsa. Overtly, the population seems happy about the protection offered by the hidden soldiers of Ur. Scouting inside the city, Giconi was able to determine a pattern of movements and identify several hidden soldiers within the city.

Help from a Genai: 5007BC

The Travellers do their best to clean up from the Ur Raiders attack. Nabu Tur takes the surviving hostage to one of her temples, using her abilities to unhinge the soldier’s mind and be overwelmed by feelings of abandonment.

Meanwhile, the others examine the site of the raid for clues as to what they wher after. Most were in frightened shock over the incident, but an enigmatic young merchant selling trinkets seemed unswayed and overly thankful for their help. He even goes as far as to them their “Hearts Desire”. (After a delayed recollection of being a Genai Paragon himself for a time when the beast Anzu swapped his soul, Arazu realizes such a gift would have unforeseen consequences and promptly returns his gift).

It turns out that the Ur Raiders had attempted to kidnap this Genii Paragon at least once before, but that they had been “a bit zealous in their attempts” and “helped him escape”, meaning that they killed him and sent him to Jahannam.

The captive raider revealed that his people were to capture the Genii Paragon to use as a sort of temporal battery. Fuel for the fires that would free our god from all that might restrain him.

Planning An Ambush: 5007BC

Seeking out the next raid by the hostile city of Ur, Corwyn seeks the Fates for answers, divining in a bowl of entrails that the Ur raiders will be attacking a small merchant district in the city of Adab in a day an a half. He alerted the Travellers and used his gifts to transport himself to the ambush site to prepare his dampening spell.

After several hours of casting, Corwyn has worked a spell so potent that it will dampen the effects of Ur’s weaponry in several of the other cities as well. He then informs the city guard of the impending attack.

Meanwhile, Martu and Nashich Nahash arrange for the construction of a moonbridge in the Umbra to quickly transport the other Travellers to Adab. While travelling, Giconi spots the raiders on an intersecting bridge, and insructs everyone to hide until they pass so they might follow behind their enemy.

The ensuing battle is lengthy, but surprised and without their blasting rods the odds are stacked against the raiders. Notably, Nashich bites one in half, while Giconi plucks another one’s eye out (That one quickly fled back to Ur through the umbra, sans eyeball).

The mage Corwyn brought down the last surviving Umu Demon, who became incapacitated due to blood loss. It was quickly bound as a prisoner.

The Search Continued: 5007BC

The Travellers do their best to patch up the body of the woman who was to be sacrificed by the Khosar cultists, who bore esoteric symbols carved all over her naked body. Her wounds were then covered and the Travellers sought any who would recognise her. Her name is Prajit (meaning dutiful perfection), and her friends and family where happy to see her once again.

The travellers then sought out and discovered a sanctuary of mages, and learned that the artifacts themselves were not magic, but served as anchors for magics in the future. By crafting a copper sickle-sword of exceptional quality to trade for his services, Arazu was able to recriut the temporal sorcerer. The sorceror claimed that by using his mastery of Fate, he could predict when and where the raiders of Ur would come — and with enough time could most assuredly disrupt any temporal and spacial magics in the area. If surprised, his spells would not be nearly as absolute, but could still bring the odds in their favor.

Nagiru, Seneschal of Enki, took the rest of the Travellers to report to his master at Eridu, who told them that stopping the raids was less important than discovering the reasons why Nanna-Sin is sending out raids.

Khosar the Traveller: 5007BC

While in search of mages to aid them in their quest, the Travellers have heard that the ever-present spirits within the cities of Girsu & Lagash have become increasingly hostile and dozens of people have gone missing. With the aid of a Prophet of the Almighty, they uncover a plot by the worshippers of Khosar the Traveller to use sacrifices and spirit energy to free a potent entity from its prison in Jahannam: the corrupted elohim Molech.

While NabuTur, Arazu, and Giconi are welcomed into the temple itself by its cultists happy to have more sacrifices, the Prophet prays to ward all exits from the passage of unclean spirits. Inside, there are at least 100 earthen pots with vines which converge upon a metal archway of strong silver (in a manner very reminescent of the silver cage which entrapped Arazu). Before it is a bloody alter with the bound form of a young woman being tortured by the high priest.

Two cultists are revealed to be Tannim Hound demons, while several cultists posessed a fevorish spellcraft to call down harmful spirits and bolts of ligtning. After a brief but intense battle, the Travellers are able to rescue the intended sacrifice, eliminate the cultists, and disable the Gateway to Jahannam. As they flee the temple, Arazu uses all the hate which wells within him to collapse the temple (which was housing the spirit of Khosar himself).

Increasing Hostilities from Ur: 5007 BC

The occasional raids from Ur have increased significantly in the recent months. It appears as if Nanna-Sin has managed to communicate through the Void to his followers, and instruct his Umu Demons to make raids against the neighboring cities. The raiders possess advanced “magics” which allows for incredible feats, such as appearing & dissapearing from the battlefield and producing gouts of blue flame from mystical rods.

The defenders of Girsu and Lagash have managed to capture three artifacts from the raiders: an Amulet, a Blasting Rod, and a Bracer. Nimrod and Martu thake the artifacts to the wise Isimud for answers. They are told to seek out one familiar with temporal magics who may be able to dampen the items abilities.


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