Dawn of Civilization

Arazu is Summoned & Bound by Cultists: 5012BC

Arazu’s celestial name is invoked, and he finds himself entraped in a cage of “Strong Silver” entwined with a network of strange vines emerging from around 50 earthen pots surrounding the cage. Cultists bearing the sign of Molech chant and inflict agonies upon him as they inquire about the secrets of Jahannam.
Enki discovers that Arazu has been taken to the city of Lagash, and sends a personal envoy along with a team of Arazu’s own thralls to quickly mount a rescue.

A City Falls: 5026BC

After a few years of border skirmishes, the military forces of the city of Ur overtake the city of Larsa.

A Holy Pilgramage: 5038BC

Lugalbanda leaves his work on the Tower of the Almighty on a holy pilgramage in hopes that his efforts will reverse the great famine in Eridu. Arazu takes over as priest of the Almighty in his absence.

Sightings of the White Lion subside.

The Hero of Girsu: 5039BC

Nimrod is bestowed the title of Ninurta, the “Hero of Girsu”, while protecting his home from an attack from a hostile nation. He joins forces with a woman named Bau, and together they lead a team of Umu Demon to patrol and protect the city.

Rescue from Ur: 4999BC
Come with Me if You Want to Live...
Confronting Nanna-Sin: 4999BC
3 Hours Prior to Entering the Hall of Doors
When Serpents Attack

While staying with the Nelwyn, a large explosion was heard. The warren had been invaded by their most hated enemies, the Nibirites. “Our true enemy is tall like yourselves, exceptionally cunning, and utterly deceptive. They are the spawn of Tiamat created to wreak havoc upon creation itself. Serpents sharp of tooth and unsparing of fang, their blood is death.”

The serpent men are difficult to kill, and their attacks are brutal and venomous. Several of the Travellers themselves suffered greviously in the attacks. After a long pitched battle the Nelwyn were able to defend their home. Thanks to the efforts of Tep, who had already been studying the effects of nibirite venom, many of those envenemed could be saved.

In thanks for the Traveller’s part in their victory, their sorcerers offer to send them back to their homes in Eridu.


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