Dawn of Civilization

The Deluge in the First City: 6000BC

Enoch was created by Caine, Son of Adam some time after he was banished by the Almighty. The First City was a vast wonder of architecture and society, ruled by the Rephaim (vampires) and was a haven for all manner of mundane and supernatural entities. Caine ruled for hundreds of years before slaying all of his direct children (2nd generation vampires) and abandoning it to his vampiric antecedents.

And so you all lived within the Great City until the day the skies turned red and the ground trembled beneath your feat. Grand stone buildings began to topple and the cries of the First City’s citizens rang out in the streets. A deafening thunderclap droned out the other noises, and the heavens opened up, pouring water into the city like rivers. Soon the waters overtook the city, and you struggled to keep above the rapidly rising water before loosing consciousness.

Awakenings: 5000BC
1000 years have passed since the Deluge

Each of you finally awaken, finding yourselves lying on the peak of a high mountaintop. The waters have receded, and you begin to notice the waterlogged bodies of others around you, who appear to have also survived the Deluge.

Far below, you see a small settlement with scores of dwellings of mud and wood, with what looks to be hundreds, perhaps even a thousand, people milling about. Beyond the settlement are vast plots of cultivated land. From what you saw of the flood, it would have taken many, many years to build or rebuild a village of its size.

The trail down the mountain is narrow and treacherous, with portions of the mountain having fallen to the wayside. After accidentally causing an avalanche, they make their way down the mountain and discover a small group of humans crushed by stone. There is one survivor amidst the wreckage, pinned by her leg by a boulder. With her family crushed by the rockslide, Iliana is the only survivor, crippled by the incident. Arazu uses the opportunity to create a thrall, and offers his aid in exchange for her faith.

Temporal Shakes: 5000BC
3 Months after arriving in Susa

Waves of semi-tangible force which appear as distortions in the air much like heat waves sweep across the Valley, leaving strange alterations in their wake. These flow in barely perceptible ethereal walls which branch out as far as the eyes can see, and will eventually overtake the viewer like a tidal wave.

As the ripple passes, living and objects alike will briefly shudder uncontrollably. Subtle changes are noticed. The general skin tones and clothing style of the people of Susa is different. A vendor of goat milk now sells medicinal herbs. Much more, outside the city will be trees which were not there before.

Once the Event has passed, the leaders of Susa and the Physician convene to discuss the event (though most people will not even be aware of what has been occurring). They invite the Travellers to this meeting, and some blame these newcomers for the Event. The city’s priests claim that they have been able to discover the source of these ripples. Their diviners have determined that the shakes are originating from a location to the east. They believe that it spawns from the center of a large cedar grove.

There, an artifact known as the Mika Vin is causing the distortions. The Travellers approach it, but it is whisked away through a time corridor. The Travellers briefly see the other end of the corridor, where a great ziggurat rests.

The Snare of the Ghulah 5000BC
2 Weeks after the discovery of the Mika-Vin

On their way out of the Susa Valley, the Travellers find themselves traversing the desert. It is hot and oppressive during the day—too hot for rephaim to travel even in heavy cover, while night is bitter cold. Three nights into their journey, they discover a weeping damsel lost in the desert.

She says her name is Beletum (bella•toom), daughter to one of the kings of Telloh (tea•low), and separated from her attendants. She then draws them into a cave for rest and shelter, she reveals herself as a Ghuleh in disguise trying to feed the Travellers to her Ghulish children.

Her dying words imply that someone told her about them, saying, “He promised to feed my children…”

Girsu & Lagash: 5000BC
1 Month after the Ghulah attack

Unfamiliar with the rules of conduct for the twin cities, Vorus finds himself in a bit of legal trouble after preying upon a few citizens of Girsu. The ruler of the twin cities is a rephaim by the name of Sar Hassam.

When brought before the Lugal, Vorus lets slip that he hails from Enoch (which has not existed for 1000 years). The king, though intrigued by the notion, demands recompense in the form of an exotic beast to be hunted down beyond the cities and captured alive.

While carrying out his sentance, the Travellers are ambushed by a quintet of rephaim clearly skilled in hunting and immobilizing their own kind (Vorus is staked through the heart three times durring the ambush).

Their leader bears the mark of a red eye scrawled upon his forehead, and each assassin carried a single gold ring marked with strange symbols. When they return to the king they believe he is involved with the attack, but he apologizes for the attack on his lands, and the heads of the assassins he deems is sufficient recompense.

The City of Ur and the Hall of Doors: 4999BC
After 3 Months spent in Girsu

After making inquiries about the vision Giconi saw through the time corridor through which the Mika-Vin made its escape, they have come to believe that the ziggurat they saw was the one being constructed in the city of Ur.

When the Travellers arrive, they are greeted by a host of soldiers who say they have been awaiting the Traveller’s arrival and have been instructed to treat the Travelers as honored guests. The guest hall they are brought to is large and extravagant, bearing many doorways. The guardians of Ur usher them into several of the rooms. Each bears a hinged wooden door (the wood was likely imported from Susa), intricately carved with elaborate designs. After several hours of waiting, the Travellers try to leave the Hall, but find the entrance magically locked. The sigil of a glaring red eye stains the doorway before fading.

They search the Hall for a means of escape, and find that the other doors lead to strange locations such as a harsh volcanic landscape, a sea of glass, and into the midst of a Terrible War with potent magic (amoung others). The Travellers choose to enter the doorway which seems the least dangerous, a vast desert.

A Vast Desert
The Realm of Nibiru

Havinng dropped through a portal in Hall of Doors, the Travellers find themselves in a harsh desert landscape. The mage Tep assures the Travelers that his lore tells him that there is a community a day’s travel from the gateway.

The Travellers soon discover a great beast which dwells beneath the sands. It follows and attacks them, but they manage to defeat the beast. When they resume their trek to the native settlement, they discover (or are discovered by) a race of short, stocky humanoids. The Nelwyn are a tough and resilient people who dwell within the solid stones beneath the sands, and are an utterly practical people.

The Nelwyn display a mastery over the elements which they may “command” to do their bidding. Those capable of commanding a particular element are said to belong to a particular “season”. None hold power over life or death.

If one of their own is sick or envenomed by their enemies they are considered to be dead even before they actually expire. They know of none who survive the venom, so such victims are taken to the rest of their provisions – large “cold rooms” where both food and the dead are stored.

When Serpents Attack

While staying with the Nelwyn, a large explosion was heard. The warren had been invaded by their most hated enemies, the Nibirites. “Our true enemy is tall like yourselves, exceptionally cunning, and utterly deceptive. They are the spawn of Tiamat created to wreak havoc upon creation itself. Serpents sharp of tooth and unsparing of fang, their blood is death.”

The serpent men are difficult to kill, and their attacks are brutal and venomous. Several of the Travellers themselves suffered greviously in the attacks. After a long pitched battle the Nelwyn were able to defend their home. Thanks to the efforts of Tep, who had already been studying the effects of nibirite venom, many of those envenemed could be saved.

In thanks for the Traveller’s part in their victory, their sorcerers offer to send them back to their homes in Eridu.

Confronting Nanna-Sin: 4999BC
3 Hours Prior to Entering the Hall of Doors
Rescue from Ur: 4999BC
Come with Me if You Want to Live...

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