The “Waters of life”, specifically used to refer to vampiric blood: Vitae.

When a Rephaim drains more than 20% of a creature’s blood points will seriously harm the victim, while half will kill them outright. (humans have a total of 10 blood points; more than 2 points drained in a single feeding will harm them, 5 will kill them).

When a Rephaim drains blood from sources other than humans, there are secondary effects:

  • Animals: The blood of animals is perfectly sufficient to feed a Rephaim, though it is not as potent. More must be consumed, depending upon the relative size of the animal (twice as much for one equivilent blood point). Rephaim that subsist exclusively on animals often make a profit selling the meat of their kills to humans in the cities.
  • Old Blood: A rephaim cannot stomach blood which is not fresh (after 1 hr) or supernaturally preserved. The rephaim must roll Sta+Fort [diff 9] (subtract successes from 5 = number of Blood Points the vamp heaves up in addition to what he just drank.)
  • Fae: The rephaim sees the fae realm overlayed over the normal world. A rephaim who feeds from a fae gains a temporary Derangment while the blood is in their system. More powerful fae may grant a temporary increase in one of the Rephaim’s disciplines, but the derangement becomes permanent.
  • Ghul: The blood of a Ghul is drinkable, but the corrupt black fluid is bilious and nauseating. The rephaim may gain a temporary point of Fortitude while the blood is in their system, but they are sluggish and ill as well (+1 difficulty for all str & dex based rolls)
  • Mages: Blood obtained from mages is usually the same as a mundane human, unless their blood has been enscorceled to harm any who would feed from them.
  • Nelwyn: The eyes of the rephaim feeding upon Nelwyn blood temporarily turn solid blue. They experience difficulty expressing emotion, gaining a -2 difficulty to resist frenzy, but +2 difficulty with empathy & expression rolls. While the Nelwyn blood is in their system, the rephaim cannot boost strenght with blood.
  • Nibirite: The blood of a Nibirite is caustic, causing an unsoakable point of lethal damage for every point drained.
  • Paragon: The blood of a Paragon is similar to old blood, save that the rephaim will experience some of the Paragon’s Curse (and possibly their Mercies if the Paragon’s Contrition is high enough).
  • Tannim: The beasts who stalk Jahannam possess an intense inner heat. A Rephaim that would attempt to feed on a Tannim Hound gains only aggrivated damage and a check for frenzy.
  • Umu Demon: The blood of an Umu demon is twice as potent (meaning 1pt drained from an Umu = 2 blood points), but the rephaim is on the brink of frenzy for the entire time the blood is in them (+1 difficulty to resist frenzy). Particularly powerful Umu demons may grant a temporary point of Celerity and or Potence.
  • Unique Creatures: How a Rephaim might react to the blood of unique creatures is itself strange and particular as the creatures themselves and cannot be known without trial and consequence.


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