Gallu demons are the mortal servants of the vampiric Rephaim. Through a sacrament of the rephaim’s own lifeblood, a mortal servant may be imbued with many abilities not unlike the rephaim themselves, without any of their weaknesses. This sacrament is said to utterly devote the gallu to his master.

When a mortal becomes gallu, their lives are greatly extended. As long as they receive the sacrament, they will not age. Very little changes physically with the mortal upon becoming gallu, but those who have served the rephaim for centuries (or those who too often call upon their gifts) may show subtle signs of rephaim ancestry. These marks upon their form usually reflect the gifts the gallu most often makes use of.

(These blood drinkers are not to be confused with the Ghul, the ape-like ogre of arabic folklore)

[Gallu are created using the rules for Ghouls of Dark Ages Vampire]


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