The Nelwyn are a race of fair folk who are native to a desert realm known as Nibiru. They are a tough and resilient people, with a stocky build and short stature. They dwell within the solid stones beneath the sands.

The Nelwyn possess mastery over the elements which they may “command” to do their bidding. Those capable of commanding a particular element are said to belong to a particular “season”. None hold power over life or death. They are an utterly practical people, consuming their own dead when other food is scarce. Knowing that the spirit has already left such bodies, it would be a waste of resources to let potential food rot in the ground. Feeding on their enemies, the Nibirites, requires much more preparation as their blood is highly corrosive and must be completely drained and neutralized before they can be eaten.

If one of their own is sick or envenomed by their enemies they are considered to be dead even before they actually expire, ceasing to feed or water such a victims. Their bodies are frozen and stored in their larders with the rest of their food. Those strong enough to combat their illness will revive on their own (freezing does not harm the Nelwyn, it only slows their metabolism).

They make use of the crystaline teeth of the great sand dragons as weapons, carving them into spears and swords.

[The Nelwyn use the Dark Ages Fae system for character generation]


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