Nibirites are a shapeshifting race of reptilian humanoids – Serpent men who are exceptionally cunning, and utterly deceptive. They are one of the two races native to the Realm Nibiru, said to be the spawn of Tiamat herself created to wreak havoc upon creation. They appear to possess advanced weaponry and wield potent sorcery.

In their natural form, the Nibirites are humanoid serpents with scales hard as stone and their blood is hightly acidic. They also possess an acidic venom which they can inject with a pair of hollow fangs. They are exceptional shapeshifters and can appear as any humanoid they have seen, though can only hold such a form for a limited time. Through a bonding ritual that usually kills the host, a nibirite gains many of the host’s memories and may assume their form indefinitely.

It has been discovered that their disguises waiver or are interrupted when in the presence of fire, and may even interfere with some of their other abilities.

They view all other races as lesser forms of life to be used as they choose, such as the nelwyn which they use as a food source. The Nelwyn said of their enemy, “They are serpents sharp of tooth and unsparing of fang, their blood is death.”

Nanna-Sin tempted a large number of Nibirites to the pleasures of the human world, in exchange for their service. Those who chose to follow him were barred from returning home by their own kind.

[Game mechanics for the Nibirites are unique, though they bear similarities to Nagas and Mokole. They have no hybrid or animal forms, but can alter their form to disguise themselves as any humanoid]


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