The Rephaim are vampiric entities who subsist by feeding on the life blood of living creatures. Their name literally means, “the Dead Ones”. They can produce offspring amongst each other sexually, or by converting a mortal human through a process known as the Embrace. They possess strange powers fueled by the very lifeblood they take from others, and can bestow some of those powers upon mortal servants through a sacrament of their own blood.

These creatures were the ancient masters of Enoch, the First City. After the Deluge, the Rephaim were no longer the undisputed rulers of men. All manner of other beings, including Men themselves followed in the footsteps of Caine and founded their own cities, ruled their own nations. Some still rule or have sizable Dominions with subjects who freely offer their blood, but many merely roam the night among the population, seeking victims.

They shun the full light of day, finding the rays of the sun quite painful. While they do not immediately burst into flame when exposed to sunlight, a rephaim can uncomfortably tolerate early morning and late afternoon — usually under heavy clothing. In the hours surrounding High Sun, a Rephaim even in heavy clothing is on the brink of frenzy and cannot use blood or disciplines.

The term “vampire” will not be coined until early 18th century southeastern Europe.


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