Notable Residents
Lord Victorious, Lord Brightraven, Lord Whitehill, Lord Praiseworthy, Lady Whisper, Prosper, Whiteriver, Enduring & Eagle

Known Nibirites
Lord Hatred, One-Eyed King, Quick, Goldeneyes & Entangler, Prosper-Clone, Whisper-Clone

The Church of Speaker, The Cult of the Anointed, The Undiluted Star

The Brightraven Estate, The Yellow River

The Travellers found themselves transported within this strange and enigmatic city, over 2,000 miles from the Mesopotamian valley which they have called home, and several millennia in the future.

The city is vast, and crisscrossed with irrigational waterways and channels much like Uruk. Its roads are paved with large flat stones, and many of its buildings are constructed of smoothly carved stone, precious wood, or both. Many of its buildings are constructed for public use, such as communal bathing houses, areas for public assembly, and entrtainment for the masses.

Its people wear wear garments not too dissimilar to those worn in Mesopotamia -just more of them, reflecting the location’s cooler climate. The fabric is of a much finer weave than the Travellers are accustomed to as well. They also carry small metal discs carved with the image of their ruler – Lord Victorious, for which they use instead of trade tokens.

Lord Victorious has only ruled the nation for 10 years, succeeding his uncle and stepfather after the Lugal fell ill and died.

It is soon discovered that a large nest of Nibirites have taken hold of the city, and replaced many of its most affluent members, effectively conquering the city without its inhabitants becoming aware of it.

Although the Travellers did not intend it, they were instrumental in bringing about the Great Fire of Rome.


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