Dawn of Civilization

Brief Interlude

(A series of very short game sessions - not enough players each time)

Arazu discovers that Whiteriver is associates with his friends Enduring & Eagle, as they reluctantly reveal that they are all adherents to the heretical Cult of the Annointed. While Arazu learns about their sect and finds that their are a number of common elements to their respective religions and they each claim to worship the one true God, he is unsure if they worship the same deity. He does however sense a strong aura of faith and goodness from the trio, and goes to work upon a protective amulet for Whiteriver.

Nabu Tur establishes herself as a temple cupbearer for the head priest, so that she may begin bending him to her will and initiate the process of transforming him into a Gallu servant. She also makes use of Giconi to arrange a meeting with the Nibirite known to them as One-Eye, so that the Travellers can come to some sort of agreement.

Vorus goes into the Wilds just outside of Speaker to hunt, taking his protected charge Prosper with him.



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