Dawn of Civilization

Burning Prosperity - July 18 -19, 64AD


A contingent of soldiers and priests will arrive on the Prosper grounds by midnight, under disguise and bearing covered torches.

The Travellers sneak into Prosper’s estate from the opposite end of Lord Victorious’ raid. They see evidence of metalwork and gemcraft – likely signs of the construction of Prosper-Clone’s supposed destructive weapon.

The Travellers are first startled by a pair of men turning a corner and discovering them. Without a thought, Arazu triumphantly leaps forward and smashes them with with his holy hammer – only to realize that these men were innocent as the weapon passed harmlessly through them. He remarks that this is an excellent way to determine their rightful enemies as the two flee in terror.

Using the magics provided by Corwyn and One-Eye, they follow their beacon to Prosper’s Clone himself, facing a number of Nibirite warriors along the way. As they near the Nibirite who bears Prosper’s likeness, they see and hear signs of the conflict between the forces of Speaker and the Nibirites within the compound. Much of the building is on fire, and some of the Travellers have difficulty – Especially Nabu-Tur, who cannot bring herself to enter the burning chamber Prosper’s Clone is in.

Arazu does his best to separate the few remaining innocents (such as the real Prosper’s family) from the combat before closing with their enemy. Prosper’s Clone bears an item that closely resembles a crossbow – a Speaker weapon that is of itself an engineering marvel to the Travellers. Unlike the Speaker weapons, it is crafted with bits of metal, wire, and gemstones.

The magic crossbow not only fires gouts of flame, but a mounted lens reveals the true nature of a disguised Nibirite. (it is clear once the Travellers examine it that this weapon was designed to be used against Prosper-Clone’s own kind)

As the Traveller’s flee the compound with their prize, they realize that Lord Victorious and his men were a bit overzealous in their pursuit of the “demons”, and the city of Rome burns all around them.



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