Dawn of Civilization

Gathering the Forces of Speaker

After the discussion with One Eye, The Travellers begin discussing their plans for dealing with the hostile faction of Nibirites, and the ambitious Prosper-Clone. The Travellers decide to gather all potential forces to their aid.

Nabu-Tur informs her contacts within the the Church of Speaker that the Cult of the Anointed are possessed by demons, and

The King, who
Nabu-Tur recognizes the glint of madness in his eyes.

Shortly after the meeting, a young courier slips Arazu a small leather-wrapped package. Within is a small glass tube nearly identical to the beacons used by Prosper’s guardians, but wrapped in copper wire and sealed with wax. A note inked to mimic cuneiform explains that the modified beacon should prevent those within Prosper’s forces from instant communication, so that the Travellers wont find themselves overwhelmed like their first attempt to “visit” Prosper’s Clone. The note is unsigned.



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