Dawn of Civilization

Holy Day Intrigues

"An Enemy of an Enemy is Your Friend... Sometimes"

The Travellers have discovered a number of factions within the city which may be could help them in their fight against their Nibirite enemies.

The Anointed
The Church of Speaker
The Royal Family ( Lord Victorious, Lord Whitehill, etc.)

Enduring & Eagle inform Arazu that they must take leave of Speaker and journey to a place in the East called the Rising, at behest of an emissary of their faith known as Humble.

It is a holy day today, and work is scarce as most in the city will be attending the Holy Day Games – public displays of martial skill, where armored men atop giant donkeys charge at each other with spears or beat each other senseless for the sake of entertainment. It is amidst this grand public gathering that One-Eye has agreed to meet with the Travellers.

Sending a courier to lead them to a secluded room, One Eye proceeds to discuss with the Travellers the possibility of a temporary alliance. He explains the plight of his people and the story of how they escaped their servitude of Nanna-Sin. He believes that the Nibirite Prosper is planning a dangerous coup, and has heard rumor that he has constructed a potent weapon or weapons to ensure it’s success. Ever the politician, he agrees to pledge his help, but only after the Travellers successfully infiltrate the Prosper’s compound.

Seeing the mutual hatred toward Nanna-Sin, Nabu-Tur asks if One Eye would be willing to aid them when they finally confront him. He states that he will only get involved if he is certain that they will be successful, and may even fight against them if he feels they will fail.



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