Tag: Corrupted


  • Khosar

    Khosar is worshipped by doomsday cultists as a god of destruction and retribution. Khosar has two trusted minions – themselves worshipped as demigods, harbingers and primary agents. Zuul and Vinzklortho are lesser demons in the form of [[Tannim Hound | …

  • Molech

    Currently, Molech is trapped in the realm known as [[Jahannam | Jahannam]], seeks nothing els but a means of leaving its firepits. He has become convinced that the answer to his freedom is to possess the right Paragon while they regenerate within the …

  • Nergal

    Nergal is designated as the god of fire, war, and pestilence. He was originally sent to [[Irkalli | Irkalli]] to assassinate [[:ereshkigal | Ereshkigal]], but she convinced him to unite with her and rule the Underworld together.

  • Dagon

    Dagon is worshipped as a fertility god of fish and grain, and sacrifices are made to him in prayer for an abundance of either. Some of his more devoted priests and followers have been "gifted" with aspects of fish and other aquatic life. These " …