Tag: Gallu


  • Isimud

    Isumud was created by a Tzimisce [[Rephaim | Rephaim]], shaped not for war but for intelligence and magic. It was once four human mages captured by the Rephaim, forced to become [[Gallu | Gallu]] and fused by its master's vicissitudes. What was once four …

  • Edenko

    In [[Enoch | Enoch]], Edenko faithfully served as [[Sukkal | Sukkal]] to an esteemed [[Rephaim | Rephaim]] leader named Dovmelech. Such a position for a human was a high honor within the First City, for its founders and ruling body were vampires. So …

  • Bastet

    Bastet is [[:nabutur | Nabu Tur's]] constant companion, bound by a sacrament of her master's [[Ahti | blood]]. She was named "lioness", for her fierce and wild nature.