Staring into the Void

After Nanna-Sin combined the powers of the Mika-Vin with his own, a rift in time and space opened and he was pulled through through, vanishing with little trace. Nabu Tur gazed deeply into the void as the so-called god of Time made his departure.

She saw a rose-colored serpent through the void, which swiftly flew passed her. A gapping mouth opened in the serpent’s side and swallowed her. Then she felt the sudden sensation of falling at a great speed not downward, but forward. She found herself inside a glass corridor, its sides rapidly flashing visions of elshwere – too many to recall or comprehend.

At some point, the falling began to slow to stillness, and Nabu Tur finds herself on a hill overlooking a valley where a river joins the sea. Two men stand nearby, overlooking the valley. One who looks like Nanna-Sin points toward the valley, and appears to be instructing the younger man (who bears a close resemblance, like a brother or son) about a city with a great structure at its heart.

After seeing this, Nabu Tur found herself forcibly pulled back from the vision entirely.

Staring into the Void

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