Impossible Mountain

The Seven Guardians
Warrior Dragon, Palm Tree King, Lord Saman-ana, Bison-Beast, Mermaid, Six-headed Wild Ram, Seven-headed Snake

Great Fortress of the Mountain, Palm Grove, Hut by the Lake, Limits of Heaven and Earth, Salt Plains, Rainbow Bridge, City of Glass

The Impossible Mountain is the Realm where the creature Anzu retreated after stealing the Tablet of Destinies. Travel through this paradoxal Realm is so chaotic, that as the Travellers jorneyed through it, they felt as if madness had overtaken them.

Inside this mountain, there are caves, forests, a vast ocean, a salt plain, and a Floating City of Glass. Impossible transitions of scenery occur abruptly within the Mountain, seemingly without reason.

The Travellers had to face seven Guardians within the Impossible Mountain, created by Anzu to protect him: The Warrior Dragon, the Palm Tree King, Lord Saman-ana, the Bison-Beast, the Mermaid, the Six-headed Wild Ram, and finally the Seven-headed Snake. Apparently the Travellers were briefly caught in a time-loop, forced to battle the Guardians over and over again until they managed to break the cycle and confront Anzu.

Impossible Mountain

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